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At Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C., you can count on our taxicab accident lawyers in Texas to protect your rights and seek compensation for you after a crash. We can help accident victims, regardless of whether they were riding in a cab or a taxi hit their car. We also represent pedestrians and cyclists hit by cabs. We are here for you and understand how these cases work.

You can connect with our team today for free. Our attorneys provide complimentary consultations for victims of Texas traffic accidents. This includes crashes that taxi drivers, rideshare drivers, and others cause. We handle commercial vehicle accident cases, car crashes, and more. We will explain how our team can work for you during your initial case review.

What Kind of Damages Could My Compensation Cover?

The goal of filing a car accident insurance claim or lawsuit is to recover compensation and hold the liable parties accountable. This is often the best way to get justice and prevent you and your family from having to shoulder the economic burden of the crash. At Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C., we identify recoverable damages, assess their value, and seek payment for you.

Some damages we can recover for our clients include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Other non-economic losses
  • Medical bills and future treatment and care expenses
  • Lost wages and reduced earning ability in the future
  • Property damage
  • Miscellaneous expenses (with receipts)

Our Team Represents Families in Texas Wrongful Death Actions

Unfortunately, sometimes victims of taxicab accidents succumb to fatal injuries. If this happened to your loved one, we extend our condolences and want you to know we are here to help. A wrongful death attorney from our team could build a case and hold the liable parties legally responsible, recovering compensation for your family’s losses and expenses, including your intangible damages.

Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C., Advocates for Our Clients Based on Contingency

At Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C., we are widely known for our willingness to go to trial. We will not settle for less money than you deserve just to prevent a lawsuit or court appearance. We believe in fighting for justice and appropriate compensation for you, regardless of the big companies or names we must face in court.

No matter if we negotiate a settlement—which is how most of our clients recover fair compensation—or go to trial, we will represent you based on contingency. We will not ask for a retainer or any other upfront payment, and there are no fees due until your case is closed. We receive attorney’s fees only if we recover compensation for you.

Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C., is a personal injury law firm that will fight for our clients based on what is right and fair. We do not believe you should have to shoulder the financial burden of a crash you did nothing to cause.

Building a Case Based on Your Texas Taxicab Accident

If you choose to work with Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C., on your taxicab accident case, our team will look into what happened and document the details of your crash, injuries, and damages. The evidence in these cases often includes:

  • The crash report that the police filed
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Witness interviews
  • Surveys of the crash scene
  • Photos or video footage
  • Physical evidence, such as the damage to each vehicle
  • Expert testimony
  • Relevant medical records
  • Documentation of damages

We need to use this evidence to show who caused the accident, how, and how much harm they caused. This is generally done by confirming the four elements of negligence. When a driver is careless or reckless, their negligence may cause an accident. These elements include:

  • They had a duty to follow traffic laws.
  • They failed to do so.
  • This failure caused a collision.
  • The victim suffered financial harm and injuries.

Often, a negligent driver is a liable party. However, taxicab accidents can be different. In many cases, the taxi driver is not the only liable party in one of these accidents. According to the State Bar of Texas, a legal concept known as respondeat superior could make the driver’s employer vicariously liable. This is possible when:

  • The driver is an employee of the company or acting as an employee.
  • The driver was acting within the “course and scope” of their job, such as driving a cab, when the incident occurred.

This means we may be able to build a case against the driver and/or the taxi company or file an insurance claim based on the taxicab company’s policy. We can discuss this with you in-depth during your initial consultation with our team. We can also talk about the possibility of other liable parties if another driver caused a collision while you were riding in a Texas cab.

How Long Can I Wait to Begin My Claim?

As soon as your crash injuries are stable, you should begin considering whether you want to take action to recover compensation. We encourage you to at least speak with our team to determine your rights and legal options after a taxicab injury accident.

One reason we ask you to get started as soon as you can is that there is a strict deadline on these cases. Under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, you have only two years to sue. This applies in both personal injury and wrongful death cases. If you do not reach a settlement or sue before this deadline, you will likely lose the right.

Speak to Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C., About Your Case Today

You can discuss your legal options with a lawyer from Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C., cost-free today. We provide free case evaluations for those injured in a Texas taxicab accident. If you want to hold the at-fault parties accountable and recover damages, we are here to help. Get started with your complimentary initial consultation today.

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