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“I was hit by a pickup truck while on foot. I was given an order of protection that allowed me to get medical treatment because I didn’t have insurance. The driver’s insurance company refused to pay and my case got transferred to David Sanchez. With his help, we were able to get a good deal of money, pay all the medical bills, and get a little bit in my pocket for all my time and trouble. David is really easy to work with. He does not come across as a stiff lawyer type. He’s a nice, laid back individual who makes his clients feel comfortable. If you are ever injured in an accident, David is the best choice of attorney in town!

– Zach Lorenzini

“David Sanchez took my case when no other attorney wanted to. Not only did he work hard and spend a lot of time with me, but he also won my case. I can’t say enough great things about David and his law firm.”

– Fransisco Gonzalez Jr.

“Mr. Trujillo did a great job with the little he had to work with. Was patient and persevered. Thank you to him and his firm.”

– Vic Villalobos

“My auto case was transferred to their office and I had the best experience. The entire office was very pleasant and extremely helpful when it came to answering any questions I had. Roger was effective, personable, and informative when it came to the negotiation process. I was always updated with any change. I would highly recommend this attorney’s office.”

– Yolandra Lindsay

“The worst insurance ever wanted to give me a couple of thousand dollars after their insured driver ran me over. Out of options, the law offices of Trujillo/Sanchez represented me. Every time I called, they had the answers to my questions. I was rendered a verdict and received way more compensation for my injuries than what I was offered. Contrary to what your insurance company may say…You’re not in good hands with them. You’re in good hands with James Trujillo & Andre Anziani!!”

– Brian Sirmon

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