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Will My Construction Accident Claim Settle Out of Court?

Sometimes a construction accident claim can be settled out of court. However, it will depend on your case’s specifics and whether an insurance company will offer a settlement award that covers your losses.

It is often easier, and in many people’s best interests, to settle out of court. If this is your goal, you could hire a personal injury attorney to help you seek this outcome. While every construction accident case is different, getting legal counsel can ensure you protect your rights as you seek financial recovery after your accident.

How Serious Are Construction Accidents?

Construction accidents can cause severe injuries and sometimes even death. Falls, improper equipment use, or collision with construction vehicles can put victims in the hospital. The severity of your accident will depend on what happened on the construction site. If you are recovering from a construction accident, you could receive compensation from those responsible.

Injuries that can happen on construction sites include:

  • Head injuries: These can happen if you fall or if a moving object hits your head, among other actions. Head injuries can cause permanent damage and disability.
  • Spinal cord injuries: The severity of spinal cord injuries will depend on the level of damage. However, a spinal cord injury can lead to long-term problems with movement and sensation.
  • Broken bones or sprains: Accidents can cause broken bones, sprains, and muscle strains. The severity of these injuries varies, but you may have to spend considerable time recovering.
  • Bruises, lacerations, or abrasions: You may experience these injuries in addition to more severe injuries. Although they can be minor, it can still take a while for them to heal.

Getting prompt medical treatment after a construction site accident is important. You can also seek legal help if you wish to recover compensation from those liable for the accident.

What Happens if I Settle My Construction Accident Out of Court?

If you agree to settle your case outside of court, you agree to receive compensation from the liable parties instead of going to trial. Once you agree to this amount and sign a written agreement, you cannot pursue further legal action in the matter.

In many cases, settling outside of court is ideal as it is easier than taking a case to trial. It saves all parties time and helps them put the matter behind them. However, some construction accident claims proceed to trial if the parties cannot settle their differences.

What Happens if I Cannot Settle My Construction Accident Out of Court?

Sometimes, the liable parties in a construction accident will not offer fair compensation, which means your attorney could file a lawsuit on your behalf and take your case to trial. Here, a judge or jury can review your case and look at your damages to determine if you should recover compensation.

How Can Working With a Lawyer Help Me With a Construction Accident Claim?

Seeking legal help from an attorney who handles personal injury cases, including construction site accidents, ensures you have a legal representative looking out for you. This includes making sure you don’t miss key legal deadlines.

For example, you generally have two years from the accident date to sue for damages after an injury in Texas, as Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 states. Your attorney will file your case within the statutes of limitations to protect your right to sue. If the deadline expires and you have not filed your case, you risk losing out on your opportunity to seek compensation for your losses.

Handling an Insurance Company After a Construction Accident

A lawyer represents you in all legal proceedings and negotiates with insurance companies to reach a settlement that compensates you for your losses. If negotiations are successful, you will not need to go to trial. Your attorney can also advise you on settlement offers you may get from an insurer. They can tell you if such offers fall below what you will need to recover and advise you on what to do next.

If you cannot settle outside of court, your construction accident attorney will represent you in court and present the evidence of why you should receive compensation. Your attorney will review your legal options and answer your questions throughout the process. They will also update you on all developments and what they mean to your recovery.

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