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What Happens If I Am at Fault for a Car Accident?

When you think you may be at fault in a car accident, you may not be sure of what to do next. In the aftermath of an accident, emotions are high, and you can easily make disclosure or a statement that will cost you significantly in the long run. If you are in an accident that may be your fault, avoid claiming responsibility.

Determining fault in Texas is complicated and may not be as clear as it seems at the time of the accident. If the other driver, inclement weather, obstacles in the road, poor road conditions, or third-party drivers were partially to blame for the accident, it can affect your level of liability. This directly affects the compensation that you and other parties can claim.

What Do I Do After an Accident in Texas if I Am at Fault?

To protect your legal rights, follow these steps immediately after an accident in which you may be at fault:

Do Not Leave the Accident Scene

If you are in a car accident, whether you believe you are at fault, remain at the accident scene. If you left the scene for any reason, return to the accident site as soon as possible. If you do not, you could be charged for a hit-and-run.

Call for Emergency Medical Assistance

The most important thing to do after any accident is ensuring that all injured parties receive medical assistance. Call 911 to report the accident and request medical aid. Once everyone is out of harm’s way and has the medical care they need, you should file a report with the police.

Provide Details to the Police

If you called 911, they will likely send a police officer out to the accident scene to take statements and prepare a report. If they do not send an officer, contact the local police department to report the accident.

Do not make any statements that can be construed as an admission of fault. Stick to the facts, such as where and when the accident occurred and details about the vehicles involved.

Obtain the Other Party’s Contact and Insurance Information

Swap insurance details and contact information with the other parties involved in the accident. Texas requires all drivers to carry auto insurance to cover accident injuries and damages. If you are at fault, your insurance company will use liability coverage to pay for the other party’s losses if you are at fault.

Depending on the circumstances, other coverage may apply, including collision, comprehensive, uninsured or underinsured motorist, medical, and personal injury coverage.

Do not make any admissions or apologies that may be twisted into an admission of fault. Even casual conversation can be used against you, so simply exchange information without discussing the accident or speculating about the cause.

Speak With Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company and provide them with the other parties’ insurance information and contact details. If the police provide you with a copy of the report right away, send that to your insurance company or provide them with the report number.

Again, avoid any admission of fault, even with your own insurance company. They may be your insurance company, but they are still motivated to provide as little compensation as possible.

An admission of fault on your part can significantly harm your ability to protect yourself from a lawsuit or recover compensation for your own losses.

Call a Law Firm

Reach out to a Texas car accident lawyer to discuss how to protect your rights. Even if you think you are at fault, remember that Texas law is complex when it comes to establishing blame. Rather than immediately assuming responsibility for the entirety of the accident, let your attorney examine your case.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help if I Am at Fault?

A Texas injury lawyer with experience handling traffic accidents will help you navigate the complexities of at-fault determinations in your car accident case. Although responsibility for the accident may seem straightforward, especially in the immediate aftermath, Texas law is complicated.

Using photographs, video, traffic cameras, weather reports, and accident reconstruction methods, your lawyer may be able to prove that other individuals or circumstances are partially or wholly to blame for the accident.

With an attorney on your side, you get help defending your right to a fair judgement of fault under Texas law.

Connect With Our Law Firm That Understands Texas Car Accident Cases

Since Texas considers partial blame when determining fault and establishing compensation, it is in your best interests to speak with an attorney who has handled numerous Texas car accident claims.

At Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C., we will not hesitate to defend your rights up to and including court. We aren’t afraid of big insurance companies, and we will aggressively pursue your case as far as necessary to ensure that you receive a fair judgment. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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