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What damages can you claim for car accident injuries?

Texas has several favorable laws for claiming financial compensation after a car accident, including for property damage and injuries. Under Texas law, a variety of factors are worthy of an injury claim, such as medical expenses, lost income, emotional stress, and pain and suffering. 

At Trujillo Sanchez, our Texas car accident lawyers can secure high settlements because they aren’t afraid to take cases to court. According to our success metrics, they always come out on top, as they’re well-equipped for these types of negotiations.

Even so, it’s important for you to understand what kind of damages you can claim under Texas law after a car accident. With this information, you can more easily navigate the legal proceedings, since you’ll know what to discuss with your legal advisors at Trujillo Sanchez.

Here you’ll get an overview of the types of damages you can claim for injuries after a car accident in Texas.

Lost wages or income

Lost wages, also known as lost income, refers to the money you would have earned from your job from the moment of your accident to the date your case is settled. This allows you to recover the wages you would have received if it weren’t for your injuries and recovery time.

Pain and suffering, as well as emotional stress

These compensatory damages allow the injured party to recover from mental anguish or physical pain caused by injuries suffered during the accident. It’s a common area to seek compensation or payment.

Medical expenses

If your injuries require hospitalization or medical attention, the insurers will be responsible for paying all or some of the medical bills.

Off-budget expenses

Off-budget expenses, or extraordinary expenses, are those that aren’t planned and arise without prior notice.

Personal property damage

Personal property damage refers to the condition of your vehicle after the car accident. The person responsible for the crash must be held liable for the damage done to your car.

Loss of consortium

Loss of consortium refers to legal action that can be filed by family members of anybody seriously injured or killed in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence. Within the areas of legal practice, it’s a common claim during wrongful death proceedings.

If you still have questions about the type of claims you can make after a car accident in Texas, don’t hesitate to contact our team of attorneys at Trujillo Sanchez. We’re experts in settling legal cases involving car accidents in Texas.

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