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How Long Does a Car Accident Lawsuit Last in Texas?

When you suffer a car accident in Texas and decide to file a claim to compensate for your injuries or damages, you might be wondering: how long will it take to settle my car accident case? You may have medical bills to cover or be out of work as you recover your health. For this reason, you need to know when you’ll be able to get the compensation that will help pay for all your damages.

How Long Does It Take To Settle a Car Accident Case in Texas?

A car accident case may take weeks, months or even years to resolve depending on the complexity of the case and the severity of the injuries. Here’s what you should know about the timeline of your car accident case and the factors that play a role.

  1. Every case is unique and it’s not possible to predict whether your case will settle or go to trial. That said, most cases are settled out of court.
  2. While a simple auto accident case may be settled within weeks if you have fully recovered and liability is clear, complicated cases can take one to three years to resolve.
  3. During your initial consultation with a Trujillo Sanchez car accident lawyer, your attorney will help you understand the factors that may impact your case.

What Factors Influence the Time It Takes to Settle a Car Accident Case in Texas?

Several factors influence the time it takes to resolve a car accident case in Texas. The following factors may decrease or increase the time it takes to resolve the case:

A. The Value of Your Car Accident Case in Texas

The more your case is worth, the longer it will take to settle. That’s because the insurance company will try to limit the payout. They are more willing to invest time and money in legal defense for a high-value claim compared to a smaller one.

B. The Severity of Injuries

Cases involving serious injuries that impact your future or cause disability generally take longer to settle than cases involving injuries you can fully recover from. You should also get the highest possible estimate of your medical expenses before settling your case to ensure that it’s fair and compensates you fully. Depending on your injuries, this can take time.

C. Liability

The case is likely to settle when liability is clear. If liability is unclear, or several parties are liable or you share some liability, the case may take longer to resolve.

D. The Insurance Company

Every insurance company is different. Some companies may settle quickly, while others will take a long time to accept liability. The size of the insurance company can impact the time it takes to settle a car accident case.

E. Number of Cases to Settle

If your case goes to trial, the caseload can affect how quickly your case is heard.

Most car accident cases are settled privately out of court, sometimes even before a lawsuit is necessary.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Sometimes insurance companies refuse to accept a claim or make low offers. When a case cannot be settled, it will go to trial. It takes much longer to recover the compensation you deserve when this happens, although a settlement can still be reached before the case is concluded.

If you’re concerned about the amount of time associated with a car accident claim, consult an experienced Trujillo Sanchez attorney. This is also important because the statute of limitations in Texas for filing a car accident lawsuit is only two years from the date of the accident.

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