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Did you sustain severe injuries in an accident at a Walmart store in the Irving, Texas, area? If so, you might be able to pursue money damages with the help of an Irving Walmart accident lawyer. They could advocate for you to receive all the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. 

Whether you got hurt in the parking lot, in a slip and fall accident, or because an item fell off a shelf onto you, you could hold Walmart responsible for the negligence of its management and employees. The team at Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C., is unafraid of taking on multi-billion-dollar corporations like Walmart when their carelessness leads to innocent people getting hurt.

The Possible Money Damages Recoverable in a Walmart Accident Injury Claim

We cannot say how much money you might collect in a Walmart accident injury claim until we talk to you and investigate the situation. However, these are some of the damages you could recover:

  • Lost income: People often miss work because of medical treatments and healing after a significant injury. If you did not earn your regular income during that time, you have an economic loss. People who receive wages, salary, self-employment income, retirement contributions, or other benefits or income could recover their lost pay.
  • Reduced earning capacity: You might have ongoing impairment from your injuries that prevents you from making as much money as before the accident. Chronic pain or a loss of function could mean that you must take a lower-paying position or work fewer hours.
  • Medical bills: The reasonable cost of the medical services you needed to treat your injuries is usually compensable. These can include an ambulance ride, emergency department visit, hospitalization, doctor’s visits, diagnostic tests such as x-rays, rehabilitation, and prescription drugs.
  • Long-term care: If you suffered a catastrophic injury like spinal cord damage or a traumatic brain injury, you might lose the ability to live independently. You might need to live in a long-term care facility if you need daily assistance with medical treatments and personal care because of your injuries.
  • Pain and suffering: The payment of your medical expenses does not cover the mental trauma and physical anguish you endured. A personal injury lawyer from our firm can determine the value of this noneconomic loss.

Our injury lawyers can investigate the circumstances of your Walmart accident and determine your eligibility for additional types of compensation.

Don’t Pay Any Upfront Legal Fees to Your Irving Walmart Accident Lawyer

Walmart accident cases are a type of personal injury claim. We do not charge our personal injury clients upfront legal fees. We understand that you already have medical bills piling up and might not have returned to work yet. The last thing you need right now is to scrape up the money to retain an attorney.

Also, taking on a mega-corporation like Walmart can become expensive. They have teams of defense lawyers representing them on injury claims. So, we will handle your claim without receiving upfront legal fees. In addition, we don’t get paid unless you win. If we do, we’ll receive a portion of the insurance proceeds or jury award as our payment.

The Factors We Must Prove to Win a Walmart Accident Injury Case

Most accident injury claims have their basis in negligence. Therefore, we must prove all these elements in a successful Walmart accident injury case:

  • Duty of care: Walmart owed you a legal obligation to maintain its premises in a safe condition.
  • Breach of the duty: When Walmart’s conduct fails to meet a legal standard, the law considers this failure a breach of its duty of care. Let’s say a Walmart employee stacked upper shelves with heavy objects that could fall on unsuspecting shoppers. That conduct is careless.
  • Causation: The negligent conduct must have proximately caused the injury. Continuing with our scenario, the negligently stacked shelves were an accident waiting to happen. You pushed your cart down the aisle just as the items on the upper shelf became unbalanced, tumbling down on you.
  • Measurable harm: Physical injuries satisfy the legal requirement of quantifiable damages in a negligence personal injury case. The heavy items falling on you might have rendered you unconscious with a traumatic brain injury, leading to a lengthy hospital stay and significant time off from work.

In this hypothetical, you could pursue a personal injury claim against Walmart for your losses. You will want to talk to an injury lawyer from our team to determine if your facts meet the legal requirements for a successful personal injury case.

Why You Should Talk to an Irving Walmart Accident Lawyer Right Away

If you wait too long, Texas law could deprive you of any right to hold Walmart financially accountable for the harm you suffered. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 gives you only two years to file a lawsuit seeking compensation if you sustained injuries or a close relative died because of someone else’s negligence.

Merely negotiating with Walmart’s insurance claims adjuster does not satisfy the two-year filing deadline. Once that deadline passes, you might be barred from ever going after money damages for your losses.

These Three Things Could Decrease the Value of Your Walmart Accident Claim

At Trujillo & Sanchez, PC, we fight aggressively for the rights of people who suffer injuries due to someone else’s carelessness. We are happy to offer a free initial consultation with no obligation. 

In addition, we handle these personal injury claims on contingency, meaning we do not charge our clients upfront legal fees. Instead, we wait until the end of the case. If you recover compensation, we receive a percentage of the insurance proceeds or jury award as payment. However, if you don’t win, we don’t get paid. So, call us today at (972) 529-3476 to get started.

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