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For most people, going even one day without driving or spending time in a car is almost impossible to imagine. We drive cars to go to work and school. We even drive cars to go on vacation. According to the Texas Dept of Transportation, Texas motorists drove over 250,000,000 miles in 2020.

Unfortunately, the same report also revealed there were 12,107 injury accidents in Texas in 2020. These accidents resulted in nearly 15,000 injuries. If you’ve been injured in an accident in the Irving area, you may need a lawyer. Trujillo and Sanchez, P.C. has been aggressively representing accident victims for years and we can do it for you too!

Trujillo and Sanchez, P.C., Accident Lawyers with a Proven Record of Fighting and Winning for Accident Victims!

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you know firsthand how traumatic it can be. Sadly, the injuries go hand in hand with several other stressful realities, such as medical bills and the callousness of insurance companies. When you see insurance company commercials on TV, they sound like your best friends.

The reality is the insurance company is anyone but your best friend when you’re trying to recover from an accident. They don’t care how much you’re hurt. They don’t care how much your medical bills are. They don’t care that you might need long term care. The only thing they care about is settling your case for as cheaply as possible.

That’s where Trujillo and Sanchez, P.C. can make the difference. We’re more than just a law firm, we’re trial attorneys. We’re not in it for a quick settlement. We’re ready, willing and able to fight for your rights all the way to court. That’s why our firm won 3 of the 40 largest car accident jury awards in Texas in the year 2020. We even won 13 consecutive verdicts from Allstate Insurance Company.

How Much is my Irving Car Accident Case Worth?

When you suffer physical injuries and financial consequences from a car accident, you have the right to recover damages from whoever caused the accident. A partial list of the recoverable damages you can demand after an accident is below:

  • Lost wages-for all the time you can’t work after your injury
  • Medical bills-for the immediate aftermath of the accident and any ongoing medical care
  • Property damage-repair or replacement value of your own car

Generally, an accident case is worth the combined totals of the lost wages, medical bills and property damage caused by the accident. With that said, your accident has a unique fact pattern. After a consultation with our office, we’ll be in a better position to estimate the value of your accident case.

How Much It Costs to Work With Our Firm

Trujillo and Sanchez, P.C. believes the person who caused your accident should be held liable for the damages, not you. The way we see it, you’re calling us because someone else’s negligence has caused a car accident that injured you. In a situation like this, you need lawyers who will fight for you, not slap you with an invoice.

That’s why we’ll take your case on a contingency basis. If our lawyers can’t win a verdict or collect a settlement in your case, we won’t bill you. You won’t owe us anything. Trujillo and Sanchez, P.C. believes in pay for performance. If we don’t perform for you, you don’t pay.

We’ve even offer free consultations. That’s right. It won’t even cost you anything to sit down with us and talk about the facts of your case. Our firm wants to be an advocate for you and a positive force in helping you recover after an accident. We don’t want anything, least of all a fear of legal bills, to keep you from letting us do fight for you.

What Trujillo and Sanchez, P.C. Can Do for You

There are all different types of law firms. Some of them take accident and personal injury cases with the intent of churning out small to medium size legal settlements, some of which aren’t sufficient for their client’s needs. They do this because they don’t have the experience or the willingness to take cases to trial. Our firm on the other hand, has no fear of going to court.

That’s because Trujillo and Sanchez, P.C. are trial attorneys. In fact, we’re certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as personal injury trial attorneys. That means when we take your case, you’re getting attorneys who aren’t afraid to fight your case all the way to the end. You’re also getting attorneys who have a track record of going to court….and winning!

Who Is Liable in my Injury Accident Case?

Driver negligence is the cause of most car accidents. When drivers violate the vehicle code by following too closely, switching lanes without signaling or operating vehicles at excessive speed, they put us all at risk. Distracted driving (e.g., driving while texting) is also a frequent cause of car accidents.

Generally, the first party we’ll seek to hold liable in your accident is the driver of the other vehicle. However, there are other cases where third parties can be held partially liable. Sometimes, municipalities have poorly designed roads or intersections that increase danger to drivers. Vehicle defects, such as bad tires or faulty air bags, can also lead to increased vehicle makers sharing liability for accidents.

Our attorneys will investigate the all the facts surrounding your case to figure out who’s at fault. Regardless of whether it’s just another driver, or a combination of driver, automaker negligence or poor road design, Trujillo and Sanchez, P.C. will pursue anyone whose negligence contributed to your accident.

Trujillo and Sanchez, P.C., Tough Lawyers for Tough Times

Car accidents are hard. When you add the element of injury to them, a hard situation can quickly become one of the toughest times of your life. Trujillo and Sanchez, P.C. believes that tough times call for tough lawyers.

We’ve been taking insurance companies on, and winning, for years. If we’re fortunate enough to earn your business, we’ll fight for your right to fair compensation and recoverable damages. We want to be the people you remember as helping you fight through a tough situation and coming out better on the other side. So call us today, and see what we can do for you.

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