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While Starbucks owners, managers, and employees do their best to create a safe and welcoming environment for customers, accidents can still happen. Texas premises liability law states that business owners can be held responsible for any negligent act, error, or other situation that causes harm to a visitor on their property. That includes large chain restaurants like Starbucks. 

If you or a loved one have been injured while at a local Starbucks, you may be able to recover compensation for your damages and suffering. Our Allen Starbucks accident lawyers can handle your case while you recover from your injuries. 

Types of Accidents That Can Occur at Starbucks

Every business, including Starbucks, has a duty of care to provide a safe environment for all visitors. But there are many different types of accidents that can occur inside, at the drive-thru, or otherwise on the restaurant’s property. These accidents include:

Slip and Fall

Since Starbucks serves beverages all day, these locations are likely to have spills. If spills are not cleaned up in a timely manner or addressed with adequate caution signage, these slippery areas become serious hazards that could cause slip-and-fall injuries.

Trip and Fall

A Starbucks store may have improperly stored products or equipment that cause tripping hazards. They may also have maintenance issues with uneven floor tiles, potholes in the parking lot, and debris in the store’s walkways. All of these situations can create hazards that result in accidents.

Other Fall Injuries

Tables, chairs, railings, shelving, and other fixtures should be securely fastened or repaired. If these items fail, people can fall and hurt themselves or others.

Burn Injuries

Starbucks serves many varieties of hot drinks, even some at more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Hazards can cause a server or customer to fall and accidentally spill a scalding drink on them or another customer.

Food Poisoning

If drinks and food are made incorrectly or perishable products are not safely stored, customers can consume orders that cause food poisoning. This incident can be the result of poor hiring practices, inadequate training programs, or a failure to meet food and drink safety standards.

Employee Negligence or Error

There are many situations in which employee negligence or error can cause an accident, including accidentally spilling a drink on a customer while passing it through the drive-thru, not storing products correctly, and failing to put up adequate signage around a wet spot.

Product Liability

This can refer to a cup that’s not properly sealed with a lid, a defective lid or cup, a defective drink carrier or bag, and other products Starbucks uses to provide food and beverages.

Assault and Battery

If an employee or another customer intentionally causes you harm, the store may be held liable. In addition, if there is a lack of security in a specific area where this incident takes place, the store can be held liable for failing to provide a safe environment.

Depending on the type of accident you experience, you can sustain a wide variety of minor and severe injuries from a Starbucks-related accident. The types of injuries that are commonly seen in Starbucks accidents include:

  • Lacerations and bruises
  • Burns and scarring
  • Concussions and brain injuries
  • Fractures and sprains

The team at Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C. can handle any Allen Starbucks accident case. We can evaluate the circumstances of your case, including what caused your injury, the severity of your injuries, and the pain and suffering you’ve experienced, to advise you during negotiations, arbitration, or litigation.

Who Is Liable for My Starbucks-Related Injury?

Every Starbucks is owned by a franchisee, such as an individual or a local company. Ultimately, it is this person’s or company’s responsibility to ensure their store is free of hazards and properly maintained. The franchisee must pay for a Starbucks-backed injury insurance policy to cover all injuries of guests and employees. 

Even if a Starbucks employee is not directly responsible for your injury, the store can still be held liable. That’s because store employees, managers, and owners are responsible for any hazard that they’re aware could cause an injury, as well as any hazard that they’re not aware of but should address. 

While the Starbucks corporate brand is not liable for accidents that occur on an individual Starbucks’ property, they may still be held liable for negligence and failure to uphold the duty of care. 

How Much Compensation Can I Get From My Allen Starbucks Accident Injury?

Cases in other states against Starbucks have recovered a wide range of settlements, from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions. That’s what makes estimating compensation for your specific Starbucks accident case challenging. 

Since there are many types of accidents that can occur in Starbucks, the amount of compensation you might receive can vary. Plus, no two Allen Starbucks accident cases are the same, even if the cause of the accident and the type of injury sustained are identical. 

However, you can work with an Allen premises liability attorney to calculate your damages and determine a suitable settlement for your case. Here are the types of damages you can recover compensation for:

  • Medical bills, both past and future
  • Lost wages during recovery
  • Lost earning capacity due to long-term disability
  • Lost spousal support, both emotional and financial, if you’ve lost a loved one due to a severe Starbucks accident injury
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

Why Get an Attorney to Handle Your Allen Starbucks Accident Injury Case

A personal injury attorney can help you build a strong case against Starbucks to recover compensation that can make an impact on your life post-accident. Here are some ways your premises liability lawyer will help you:

  • Preserve evidence, including photos of the scene of your accident
  • Calculate your current and future medical costs, injury-related financial hardships, and more to determine an adequate settlement
  • Negotiate with the corporation and any insurance companies on your behalf
  • Represent you during trial if necessary
  • Use their knowledge of Texas’ premises liability, personal injury, and other applicable statutes
  • File your legal claim before the two-year statute of limitations deadline
  • Advise and support you at every step

Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C. Can Fight Big Businesses for You

Don’t let big corporations and franchises like Starbucks scare you out of pursuing justice and compensation for your accident. The personal injury lawyers at Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C. can fight back against Starbucks’ legal team and help get you the settlement you deserve.

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