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You may love to shop at Home Depot because of the ability to find such a wide range of items. Perhaps you appreciate the industrial design of the stores, making it feel like a huge warehouse. 


Unfortunately, this building design potentially leads to injury accidents for patrons. With heavy items for sale, and with some of those items on high shelves, you could suffer an injury at the store through no fault of your own. Count on our Allen Home Depot accident lawyer to seek the damages you deserve.

How Do I Know if I Have a Case Against a Home Depot in Allen, TX?

The personal injury lawyers at Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C. often hear from prospective clients who are unsure whether they actually have grounds to seek damages against a business like Home Depot. To win damages for you, we need to prove that a few things happened to you.


  • Injuries: We must show that you suffered some sort of injury while shopping at Home Depot and not somewhere else.
  • Financial loss: We must prove that you had a financial loss related to your injuries, such as medical bills or missed time at work during your recovery.
  • Negligence: We need to show that your injuries were preventable. In other words, had Home Depot or its employees done something different, your injuries were avoidable.

We Will Investigate Exactly What Happened

Showing that all three of these items exist in your case is not as easy as it may sound. Even if you testify that your accident was preventable, Home Depot’s insurance adjusters or lawyers are sure to contradict your testimony, accusing you of exaggerating or outright lying.


This can be extremely frustrating. You should not have to cut through mountains of red tape to receive the payments you deserve. Our Home Depot accident lawyers in Allen, Texas will present the facts on your behalf to show why you are telling the truth.

We Will Seek Facts That Show Negligence

Without proving that negligence on the part of Home Depot or its employees occurred in your accident, we cannot win a judgment for you. Here are some of the most common acts of negligence that occur in cases like this.

Home Depot Employees Must Receive Proper Training

To keep both fellow employees and patrons safe, employees must follow Home Depot’s safety checklist. It provides standards to follow to help people avoid falls or to stow items properly.


Employees must receive the proper training on how to follow all of Home Depot’s safety guidelines. Having an inexperienced employee stack boxes on a high store shelf could result in an error that causes the boxes to fall on your head as you are walking past them. This is a sign of negligence.

Employees Must Follow Home Depot’s Drug Policies

As part of Home Depot’s Code of Conduct, the company does not allow employees to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while working. If the business fails to catch an employee violating this rule, though, it could lead to injuries for you. 


Should an employee under the influence of drugs or alcohol strike you with a forklift, you could suffer life-altering injuries. Home Depot did not protect your well-being by preventing this incapacitated employee from operating dangerous machinery, showing negligence.

Home Depot Must Keep Its Property Safe

Home Depot carries so much merchandise that not all of it fits neatly on shelves. If you tripped over a box or product left in a common walkway or that spilled out of a store display, you could fall and suffer serious injuries.


To show that the property conditions were unsafe, we may need to ask Home Depot to give us surveillance video. It is important we make this request very quickly after your accident before Home Depot erases it.

How Can Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C. Help Me?

We always keep the goals of our clients at the heart of every step we take. Unlike some other premises liability or slip and fall accident law firms, we take whatever time is necessary to fully learn about them and their families. We do not rush our clients in and out the door.


We want to know exactly what happened to you in your injury accident. But our Home Depot accident lawyers in Allen also want to learn about your goals for your injury claim, as well as what fears you have about living with these injuries going forward. By learning about you, we can represent you far better.

We Have a Proven Track Record

We believe strongly in our capabilities as trial lawyers. Where some other law firms try to avoid going to trial at all costs because they do not want to invest the time and effort required, we appreciate the chance to tell your side of the story in trial whenever necessary.


We understand that you want to try to receive your financial judgment as quickly as possible. However, we also know that to win the biggest award for you, we may have to take the case to trial. We have a commitment to doing whatever it takes to maximize your award.


With our team on their side, our clients collectively won more than $500 million over the years. Having this level of success requires maximum effort and preparation on our part. Trust that we will give you this same level of service.

Count on the Lawyers at Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C. to Protect Your Rights

After you suffer an injury in an accident at Home Depot that was not your fault, you may question whether you have any chance of receiving a fair outcome. After all, the corporation behind Home Depot is huge, and you are only one person.


That’s where our Allen Home Depot accident lawyer can help. When you hire the team at Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C. to represent you, you never have to feel alone. Know that we will stand by your side from start to finish. Large corporations do not intimidate us. We appreciate the chance to stand up for you.

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