Premises Liability Lawyer in Allen

Premises Liability Lawyer in Allen

Suppose you got hurt on someone else’s property in Allen, Texas, because of a hazardous condition. In that case, your premises liability lawyer in Allen could help you pursue financial compensation for your injuries and other losses. A premises liability claim is not available if you get injured on your own property.


You could, however, take legal action if you got hurt on property that you lease, like an apartment or office, or when visiting someone else’s commercial or residential property. The property owner’s negligence must have caused your injury, like failing to correct or block off a known dangerous condition. 

What We Have To Prove in a Successful Premises Liability Injury Claim

We must prove all four of these factors in a premises liability claim: 

  • There was a dangerous condition on another person’s property.
  • The property owner was aware of (or should have been aware of) the hazardous defect.
  • The owner did not take reasonable measures to prevent injuries within a reasonable amount of time. Reasonable measures can include cleaning up the mess, fixing the problem, blocking off the dangerous area, or posting sufficient warnings of the defect. Failure to take prompt, appropriate steps to prevent injuries is negligence.
  • Someone other than the owner suffered physical injuries because of the defect on the property. 

You can talk to a premises liability lawyer serving Allen, Texas, to see if you have a premises liability claim for which you could seek money damages.

There Is A Deadline To File Your Premises Liability Case Case

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 says that you only have two years to file a lawsuit seeking monetary damages for your injuries and losses. If you got hurt or a close relative passed because of a premises liability accident, you must file within those two years. The consequences of missing the deadline are extreme.

If your claim does not settle before the two-year time limit, you must file a lawsuit before the deadline or lose all right to seek compensation from the at-fault party. Negotiating with the insurance company does not satisfy the filing deadline. You must file a lawsuit before the time limit expires to protect your rights.

How Much Money You Can Get in Your Allen Premises Liability Case

We will have to talk to you and investigate the situation before we can begin to analyze the settlement value of your premises liability case. There is no guaranteed or automatic amount of compensation people receive for these personal injury claims. The amount of money damages you could pursue will depend on the unique facts of your accident.


Here are some of the common types of damages our firm sees people seek in premises liability claims:

medical bills

Premises liability claims can involve devastating injuries, like traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage. Typically, people can recover the reasonable cost of the medical intervention they need to treat their injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. 

Victims sometimes have to move into long-term care facilities to receive the daily assistance needed with medical treatments and personal care because of their injuries. If you need ongoing healthcare services for your injuries, we can usually add the anticipated cost of those procedures to your injury claim.

lost income

If you missed work because of your injuries and did not get paid for all of that time, you might have a claim for that financial loss. People whose earnings include wages, salary, self-employment, or other kinds of regular income can usually include their lost wages in their premises liability claim.

Lost Future Wages

Significant injuries can cause continuing problems, like a loss of function or ongoing pain. If lingering issues from your injuries prevent you from making as much money as before, this financial loss could be recoverable.

pain and suffering

It is good to get your medical bills paid, but that does not compensate you for the distress or discomfort you experienced. This category of money damages addresses those issues.

Depending on your circumstances, you might have additional types of losses for which we could seek compensation in your premises liability injury claim.

You Do Not Have To Be Rich To Hire a Premises Liability Lawyer

Premises liability injury claims are personal injury cases. We do not charge our personal injury clients upfront legal fees. Instead, we enter into a contingency-fee arrangement with them. With a contingency-fee agreement, you do not pay any upfront legal fees.

We work aggressively to get you every dollar you deserve. We do not get paid until you win. Our legal fees come out of a portion of the insurance proceeds or jury award.

If your claim does not settle before the two-year time limit, you must file a lawsuit before the deadline or lose all right to seek compensation from the at-fault party. Negotiating with the insurance company does not satisfy the filing deadline. You must file a lawsuit before the time limit expires to protect your rights.

Avoid These Three Pitfalls in Your Premises Liability Case

People who try to handle their premises liability cases on their own as a DIY project—instead of working with an Allen premises liability lawyer—could make these mistakes:

Guessing the Monetary Value of Your Injury Claim

Unless you have access to the jury verdict databases that personal injury attorneys and insurance companies use, you will have to speculate about the fair settlement value of your case. Often, people who try to handle their own premises liability claims later find out they should have received much more compensation.

Giving a Recorded Statement to the Defendant’s Insurance Company

The claims adjuster will likely ask you to give a recorded statement in which you get asked a series of questions about the accident. The recording gets transcribed later. The insurer could take your words out of context to justify paying you less money.

Speculating About How Well You Will Heal

If you have not yet finished your medical treatment for your injuries, it is risky to settle your premises liability claim. Sometimes, people find out after settlement that they will need additional medical treatments. These healthcare services will have to come out of their own pocket, because the insurance company will not pay any more money after the settlement.

These are just a few examples of things that could happen after the accident that could decrease the amount of money damages you could recover. However, working with our lawyers can prevent your case from suffering in these situations.

Our Personal Injury Firm Fights for Injured Allen Residents

Trujillo & Sanchez, PC, fights for the rights of people who get hurt due to the negligence of others. We are not afraid to take on large corporations that harm ordinary people. We are happy to offer a free initial consultation. There is no obligation.

You can call us today at (972) 529-3476 to find out more about our team and how we can help you.

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